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August 30, 2003

I've given this mohair sweater

I've given this mohair sweater pattern three trys and I just can't get it to work for me. (it is knit sideways from cuff to cuff) so I am giving up on the pattern.
I know when I'm licked.
So I'm waiting till I get my package from my Mom with The Sweater Workshop in it to start this whole sweater knitting thing again. (thanks for the heads up on this book Kris! Hey, I like your Star Wars throw!) But now I have 2 packs of mohair (20 balls, count them 20!) and no projects. I'm sure I'll find something to do thing them at some point.


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August 28, 2003

week 6 at TAFE. I

week 6 at TAFE.
I am so loving this course.
I really wish I could quit my crap ass job and do something more inportant.

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August 27, 2003

I've said it before, I'll

I've said it before, I'll say it again, the denim mini skirt is the uniform of the white trash army

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August 23, 2003

Last night, after opening Rob

Last night, after opening Rob opened his birthday prezzies we decided to go up the the pub for dinner. As soon as the door closed Rob said to me "you have your keys, right?". well, as a matter of fact, no I did not.
So instead of fish and chips up at the pub watching rugby we had fast food in the hall while waiting for the locksmith. (much to the dismay of our cat who could smell the chicken through the door. Man, he's noisy!)
$105 and 45 minutes later we were back in the apartment.
So tonight we are having a cheap night in watching The Mole.

ok, you simply must hear Oz band the Tourettes' version of 'Once In A Lifetime' (yes, the Talking Heads song). Whoda thunk that a death metal band could have such a rockin' chick for a lead singer. (not that I think that chicks can't sing death metal, it is just a rare thing) I'll have to look out for them playing in my area.

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August 22, 2003

Bloody Rippa Mate.

Author Kel Richards has come out with a true blue Aussie version of the Bible.

In the Aussie Bible the Virgin Mary is "a pretty special sheila" who gets knocked up with the Big Boss' son wraps him in a bunny rug and tucks him up in a feed trough in the back shed because the local pub is full to bursting.


oh, and today is my hubby's b'day. 35 this year. I was going to get him a cane (he keeps complaining about how old he it) but I think he might be a bit fragile for all of that.

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August 21, 2003

Fish and chips shop owner

Fish and chips shop owner turned politician Pauline Hanson got three years for electoral fraud yesterday.

Just to fill some of you in, Pauline Hanson burst onto the Australian political scene a few years ago giving new meaning to the term Xenophobe. (Not that she would know the term 'Xenophobe' anyway)

"A truly multicultural country can never be strong or united. The world is full of failed and tragic examples, ranging from Ireland to Bosnia to Africa and, closer to home, Papua New Guinea. America and Great Britain are currently paying the price."

but then again, she will probably get off on appeal....

(one of my other favourte things that Pauline Hanson said was her solution to the economic problems. She suggested that the Australian mint just 'print more money')

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August 20, 2003

Someone is selling an Atomic

Someone is selling an Atomic on EBay.com.au. It is in absolute mint contition. Now if I only drank coffee....oh, and had an extra $500AU.

Ever since we saw Star Wars Attack of the Clones (aka EP2) with that scene at the end with Yoda in the light sabre fight we kept saying that Yoda opened up a can of whoop-ass on that bad guy. and Friday is Rob's birthday. So when I found a a Yoda action figure from EP2 (complete with jumping action!) I knew that Rob would want a 'Whoop-Ass Yoda'. Can't wait till he sees it!

And there is a part time gig going at Mosman library. I might have to talk to Rob and see of we can afford for me to take a bit of a pay cut cuz this one looks pretty good. It is to cover someone while they are on maternity leave but almost everyone I have ever known that went on maternity leave never came back to work.

(I'm sitting here watching The Simpsons and I can't decide who my favourite character is, Ralph or Martin...)


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August 17, 2003

Three more things...

-Chapped lips is the universe's way of getting back at us for something. The only thing that makes them feel better(licking them) makes them infinately worse! Where is my Carmex?

-Get by with a little help from our friends

-oh, and this site ain't pretty, but it has heaps of library info!


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From The Source "Teen Lingo"

From The Source "Teen Lingo" site:

I'll bust a cap in your #$&?!! (posterior):
To shoot someone (not necessarily just in the gluteus maximus). "Man, you best stop mad dawging me or I'll bust a cap in your #$&?!!"

It is truly amazing just how dorky this site can make all of this sound.

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August 14, 2003

Fun and kinda creepy. Is

Fun and kinda creepy.
Is it bad that I'm kinda proud that I got 8 out of 10 on this Geek or Serial Killer quiz?
Thanks for this one Kris.

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Rob and I saw Salome

Rob and I saw Salome (by Strauss) at the Opera House last night. Nothin' like German opera. All sex and violence. There was even a beheading and some full frontal.

I will do some knitting this weekend, promise.


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August 10, 2003

new ebay stuff. (and don't

new ebay stuff.
(and don't make fun of that CD, I won it at a work thing)

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August 09, 2003

good day

I think I can say without risk of jinxing the rest of today that yes Virginia, I have had a good day.

I got up early and did a little thrifting at a local church that has a monthly sale. I kept it under $10 (very good for me!) and still got a few scores. A Marcs skirt to Ebay (for $2), 2 videos about Kaffe Fassett (a famous knitter), this great rattan handbag, a groovie sweater by Calibre (I'm calling it my Tron sweater,it's grey with a green graph pattern through it), and some magazines for a friend who is laid up sick in bed.
Then I spent the afternoon in the library doing some research for work and a little looking for myself. They had a copy of Hip to Knit in! who-hoo. Usually the good knitting books are always checked out.

and then I got home and there was an email from my best friend from college who I haven't talk to in ages. SO good to hear from her. I'm writing her back while I am doing this post(look at me, I'm multi tasking!). You know it is so funny how some people sort of drift in and out of your life but you always seem to be on the same track. Some people you can be out of touch with for months or years and yet when you catch up you are both doing similar things. hmmm.

Rob should be home soon from his train afternoon and we are going out on a date. There is this new mexican restaurant that has opened and we are feeling the need to check them out.

well, I should go and finish that email.

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August 07, 2003

ear problems

So I've been having trouble with my ears lately. (lots of cracking, trouble hearing, etc). Anyway I went off to the doctor for a series of test (which will continue next week) and as it turns out that I have been blowing my nose incorrectly all my life. whoda thunk? The proper way to blow ones nose is to blow one nostril at a time NOT both at once. And apparently one should take up swimming laps in the winter, it helps your sinuses to drain. And remember how in the 70's it was a big thing for kids with ear problems to get tubes in their ears? well, the current literature shows that this whole process did more harm then good. I guess every medical procedure becomes obsolete at some point.

And I'm in week 3 at TAFE. We are getting into some actual library stuff now. Just starting to learn the DDC (Dewey Decimal Classification) and how to do some basic cataloging. and I've met a few people that are pretty cool. They all currently work in libraries and are taking this course so they can move up the ladder. (networking already!) Only 6 weeks until break!


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August 02, 2003

Yes it's true, we are

Yes it's true, we are getting a Ladyfest this summer in Melbourne.

now, if I can just get a few Sydney gals interested in going down to Melbourne for the weekend....

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