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April 30, 2004

home sick today. I've been

home sick today. I've been feeling crummy all week but I worked a 10 hour day yesterday and it just kicked my ass. Work has been particularly stressfull lately. (that might account for the sickness!) I really need to work on getting a library job. I think I just over this whole VM thang.

But I'm going to send Rob to the newsagent on his way home. There are some knitting patterns in this month's Women's Weekly. Should be interesting to see what they chose.

Kris has yet another great link, this one about being a typoholic. Just ask Rob how long it takes to get Photoshop to come up because of all the fonts. tee-hee.


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April 26, 2004

Let's here it for everyone

Let's here it for everyone who is marching in DC! There are so many of us who are there in spirit! Fight the good fight!


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April 24, 2004

They can't serious. (I get

They can't serious. (I get the feeling this is a hoax)


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April 19, 2004

my secret shame.... Yes, I

my secret shame.... Yes, I watch it. I'm sorry.


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April 13, 2004

Kris did an AWESEOME rundown

Kris did an AWESEOME rundown of our trip to the Royal Easter Show.
mmmmm corn....


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April 12, 2004

HAPPY EASTER!!!!! (and nothing says


(and nothing says easter like baby ducks sitting under a heat lamp, right?)

and I just got the very strange chicken link from rubbernun. I got him to do a cartwheel and moonwalk. Oh, and he sang opera for me. go figure. The people at Burger King are a strange lot.


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April 11, 2004

Which Rock Chick Are You?

Which Rock Chick Are You?

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April 10, 2004

lookie! I made a fun

lookie! I made a fun new tea cozy!

and I went to the Royal Easter show with Kris and the Snook today. Good fun was had by all. We decided that all fair food should be served on a stick (corn, ice cream, cheeze, hot dogs for the meat eaters)
we saw ax throwing (yes, ax throwing)
(Notice the bullseye. He's from the U.S. team, go figure)


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April 04, 2004

can I get some good

can I get some good job vibes from everyone this week?
I really need 'em.

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Rob and I want shopping

Rob and I want shopping yesterday. See, the touch screen on my Palm is going and I need to replace it (OK, really, I don't need to replace it, I just really like having one.) Anyway, he says that his Palm wont sync with his work email but the new colour Tungsten one will. SO instead of me getting a new Palm, why doen't HE get a new one and I can have his old one (which, honestly, is a nicer one). After much sulking at Dick Smith I relent. But not until I got Baraka on DVD and a promise that I get a new Palm before the end of the year. One what can play MP3s gosh-darnnit!

And has anyone else been watching the Survivor Island thing at Archie McPhee? Good fun man, really good fun. I want Pearl to win (wonder why...)


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April 03, 2004

Oh My God (literally)

If anyone if looking for a last minute birthday gift for yours truly.
Here's a little idea for ya.....

No really, if I thought we could afford the mortgage I'd give my right arm for this place. I've driven past it hundreds of times and always thought it would make the best home. Maybe its my goth roots but I've always wanted to live in a church. ah, maybe we will win lotto tonight.

Or is anyone out there interested in going halfsies with us?


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April 01, 2004

Just saw an ad for

Just saw an ad for this knitting shop called 'Knit Cafe'. I must remember it in case I ever get stuck at LAX. It looks very fancy.

And for the Aussies: The TV Fugly Awards site is up. You can vote for the 'Most Biased Sporting Commentator', 'Most Over Exposed TV Personality', 'Best Personality Who Appears on a Dodge TV Show'. Go forth and vote.


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