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November 04, 2004

bad, bad, bad, GOOD!

As you all know today started out pretty crappy.

So then we had an small electrical fire in the goods lift (a freight elevator to the Yank) at work. We had to evacuate the building and stand around outside. Well, everyone got to go home early except me because today was the day that Graeme Base was coming for a book signing and we couldn't have it in the Library cuz of the smoke but we didn't want to cancel the cool as hell author visit, ya know? Well, the library manager rang around council and got us a space at the art gallery to have our event.

Well then while I was killing the 3 hours till the book signing I went to the shops to pick up some coffee for the hubby I got frickin' swooped by a magpie! can you belive it? It went for my right ear. I'm Ok, a little freaked out, but Ok. (yes, we have these nutty Hitchcock-like birds in Sydney, go fig')

But then I got to meet Graeme Base. It made it all worth while, he was so cool. So friggin' cool. Like I've said before, go out and get yourself a copy of Animalia right now. Right this very minute. Really. No kidding.


(oh, and by the way, Ohio, you are off my Chritmas list, so there)

Ed to add: This link. An interesting take on the election.

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