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December 30, 2004

impaled kitty

impaled kitty
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OK, I know this is an old pic of the kitty, but I just love it. It cracks me up every time. He just looks like he has been impaled by the table leg. But he's OK, I promise....

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Jerry Orbach died today. That

Jerry Orbach died today. That is such a bummer.

A while back I wanted to get this Law and Order book for my Mom as a gift (saying my Mom likes Law and Order is like saying that J.Lo. is fond of a wedding. You get my drift) Anyway, the book was out of print so I ordered it through a used bookstore from Amazon. Well, the used book store emailed be to confirm all my details (me being in Australia and her being in the US) and I told the nice customer service lady that the book was a gift for my Law and Order crazed mother. Well as it turns out the nice customer lady is a big fan too. She actually had a signed poster of Jerry Orbach hanging above her desk. I was impressed. And the book got there in time.

I wonder how they are going to handle this on the show......hmm.....



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All of Rob's colleagues' family

All of Rob's colleagues' family are Ok.
I feel like I should try to raise some money for this. hm...


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December 29, 2004

christmas pelicans

christmas pelicans
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look ma, pelicans! Them's some big birds.


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December 28, 2004

A fun little exercise that

A fun little exercise that I picked up from Kris who got it from Kristen. First you clear your address bar then type in each letter of the alphabet and record the first site that pops up. Here goes:

interesting mix.


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December 27, 2004

I just want to share

I just want to share this link with the class. It's a great place to start if you are looking for all kinds of info. Try the 'Ready Reference & Quick Facts' to look for an atlas or almanac if want to know something more about the countries affected by the tsunamis. (I must admit this is where I went to find out more about Brunei).



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I'm sitting here watching the

I'm sitting here watching the CNN feed (on channel 7) about the Tsunami that hit southern Asia. Boy, I'm thankful Rob's not in India THIS week. I just hope they have overestimated the death tolls. It's really hard for me to wrap my head around all of this. When you see the maps of how far the earthquake was felt you just get this whole new respect for Mother Nature. wow. A million people are now homeless in Sri Lanka, one of Rob's staff is from Sri Lanka, he just got back a few weeks ago. I hope his family is OK. They were just talking to one tourist and he said that at the hotel in Phuket where he was staying, right after the waves hit he saw a great white shark swimming in the hotel's pool! wow. And at least 5 Aussies are missing. Let's hope they make it home ok.
This is very surreal.


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December 26, 2004

Man, I'm just bloggin' up

Man, I'm just bloggin' up a storm today. But I just had to share this with the class.....It is so cool my brain hurts.


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Yes, I'm a truly a

Yes, I'm a truly a dork. Check it out:

Take my Quiz on QuizYourFriends.com!

how much do YOU know about me (wow that sounds pretty self centered when I write it....oh well)


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Christmas 2004

Christmas 2004
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Here we are with Kris and Rodd at Taronga Zoo on Christmas Day. We saw the chimps, meerkats (my personal favourites) and some really huge pelicans (not to mention all the roos, koalas and the emus that scrared the crap outta Kris). After that we ventured back to our place for way too much food. (enchiladas, Spanish rice and lots o' nibbles) and then onto dessert. The Snook made this amazing fruit pudding thing (not American style 'pudding', this was like a cake filled with fruit) and I made my very first pavlova and as Rob said, I 'nailed it', it turned out so perfect. I almost want to make another one just to be sure I've got it down, ya know? Then we settled in for a viewing of A Christmas Story' (since we don't have it on a 24 hour loop here).

Oh, and there are more pics to come. I'm just trying out this whole Flickr thing, Rob seems to like it, so I'm giving it a whirl too. So the pics might look a little different till I get it all sorted out.


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December 22, 2004

I think I know what

I think I know what I'll be doing the second half of July....(yeah, me and Kris, My Mom, Helen, the girls at work, etc)

And I hope this doesn't come out sounding, well, horrible, but I'm reading The DaVinci Code at the moment (yes, I know, better late then never) and, well, are you meant to figure out all the clues pages before charcters do? Are they meant to be that clueless? Now I'm only half way through, so maybe it gets harder later.....And maybe I'm just annoyed because the most over rated actor in the US has the lead roll.... (in best 'fat comic book store guy' voice) 'Worst casting ever!'



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December 21, 2004

  This one is making


This one is making the rounds at LJ, but I nicked it from .

If you reply to this post with a comment:

1. I will tell you some positive things I think about you.
2. I will tell you what song(s) remind me of you when I hear it/them.
3. I will tell you what celebrity/public person you remind me of, (personality-wise or looks-wise).
4. I will tell you one word that I associate with you when I think of you.
and if you feel like spreading good cheer because we can all use a boost now and then;
5. Why not copy and paste this into your journal and make someone's day.



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December 20, 2004

You are a true Chicagoan!

True Chicagoan
You are a true Chicagoan! You've probably lived
here for a long time, or are thoroughly
obsessed with the city and its history.
Congratulations! Maybe you should run for

Are You a True Chicagoan?
brought to you by Quizilla

funny, I've been away for nearly 8 years, but I still got it.

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I am so bummed. My

I am so bummed.

My favourite bar in Sydney closed. (OK, it didn't close, it went through a 'management change') In a sea of pretensious watering holes,  The Century Tavern  was different. It was a seedy dive without being scary. It was like family friend who knows all your secrets and likes you anyway. I loved everything about this place. From the dangerously steep stairs to the smoke stained photos (of old time movie stars none the less!). The Century was wasn't out to impress, just offer a place to have a sit and a beer. It was the only bar in Sydney that I have found that had a working jukebox, pool tables, window seats and a whole floor free from pokies. *Sigh*

But times change, and I guess Sydney needed one more wanky bar that caters to the 'smart casual' types. Oh well. I've heard it said that everyone ends up at The Century at least once. Well I hope you made it there before the 'management change'.



(on a totally different note...Lookie, people are knitting the pattern I designed!!!! I feel so cool right now.)

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December 18, 2004

In case you haven't seen

In case you haven't seen the Bush Brain Game, have a go......


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December 16, 2004

Last night we went out

Last night we went out for drinks after work and when we sat down I had a little celebrity sighting. Sitting at the next table was Tim from Hi-5. I know, I'm such a dork. But I work with kids, OK?

On the flip side of that, Rob and I are going to see KMFDM on Saturday night.  

And the hubby now has a blog, finally. So if you want to see shots of his recent trip to India, go here.




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December 12, 2004

This is one brilliant link

This is one brilliant link from Tankboy.  You too can tell people to shut the %*$@ up when they are having loud as hell mobile phone conversations. Rock-N-Roll.

I'm getting way too obsessed with Mimi Smartypants. I find myself quoting Nora all too often.

We put up our Christmas tree today. It is finally starting to seem a little festive around here. Sigh. Let's hope the fur-boy stays off of it this year.




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December 07, 2004

I got a call from

I got a call from the new editor of Creative Knitting Magazine. She's running a little blurb about our Summer Knitting Project at the library and wanted to get the dates right. How cool is that? And they are promoting it on their web site. (lower right hand corner) How cool is that? We had our first official knitting group yesterday and and we got better than 8 people who came, including a few young people.

And I have updated the Sydney Stitch N Bitch web site. (adding in the Trauma Teddy stuff of course...)

Speaking of Stitch N Bitch, anyone wanna go to the next Monday's one at the Harts? Now that I'm off from school for a while I need to get along to some of these. truly.




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December 06, 2004

Ok, how cool is this? 

Ok, how cool is this? 

Why don't we have Pandora's Box at my library? Maybe I can get my Mom to tape this for me......



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December 03, 2004

OK, if anyone is looking

OK, if anyone is looking for  a last minute gift for Rob or me. Here's a great idea! It has trivia AND pasties. How cool is that?


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If you go to my

If you go to my SIL's site don't worry about clicking on this link.  Cuz, that's where I got it. But if not, go for it! That's one big stick!



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December 01, 2004

Rob is on a plane

Rob is on a plane at the moment. I miss him. A bit silly I know. But I do. Sparky is cuddly and all, but not the same as my husband.
I'm watching Jamie Oliver on Tv at the moment. He's showing some rich English woman how to make berry crumble.
Looks like we are going to get a storm tonight, we need it, it has just been so hot. I just hopewe don't get a blackout. That would be spooky all on my own....


oh, and I finally got a copy of Stitch N Bitch Nation. Wow man, it is so cool.

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