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January 16, 2005

testing, testing....Are we on? Cool,

testing, testing....Are we on?

Cool, things are back and running. I know there has been like 100 things I wanted to post over the last day or two but as I'm sitting here I can only think of a couple of things........

1. I had to give the kitty a bit of a haircut this weekend. Around his backside. Things were, shall we say, sticking to his fur. It's like what the ranchers do to the sheep. I think it did the trick because hasn't scooted at all (that I have noticed.)

2. OK, I don't want to link back to these images because I don't want to embarrass (or piss off) the person who went to all the trouble to knit these pieces but go over to Flickr and search for 'knitting' in the tags and look through the images till you find the sweater with a felted heart (as in human heart) on it. I love the concept, knitting the parts of the body onto the part of the sweater that covers that part of the body (heart, lungs, hands, etc) but the knitting is poor and the colours are ugly. yuck. Good concept, bad execution.

3. I want my sofa NOW. I wont have it till at least next month, but I SO want it now......grumph....very cranky..../temper tantrum




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