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June 28, 2005

Pigs Flew Today

Get this, Nike is pulling the 'Major Threat' ad campaign and has issued an "apology". I never thought I'd see it.

But they don't GET why everyone is all pissed off.
Nike just doesn't like all the bad press.

I kinda hope Nike learned some sort of lesson out of all of this.
But I doubt it.


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June 27, 2005

Only in Australia

There is the funniest ad on Australian Tv at the moment.

Scene: Suburban garage, Husband working on his car. The Wife walks in holding looking pissed off, a spanner (wrench for the Americans) in one hand and some sort of chrome car part in the other.

W: What's this?
H: A 9/16th open ended
W: Oh, And this?
H: That's a V8 rocker cover
W: (looks at chrome bit) oohh.
H: Geez they came up beautifully didn't they?
(Wife steps over to Husband and bonks him on the head with the spanner)
H: Fair enough

Then the ad cuts to the product. Dishwashing powder.

Bloody brilliant! It is such a quintessentially Aussie ad. I actually laughed out loud the first time I saw it.


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June 25, 2005

reason # 523 to hate Nike

Phil Knight is a soulless prick. There, I've said it. I feel better. Now I know we all hate Nike for making little 9 year olds work 12 hour days for like 25 cents a week. And I know we all hate Nike for stealing, I mean buying, no wait I DO mean stealing, our beloved Converse Chucks. But this has just gone too bloody far.

They have stolen my misspent youth.

I mean really, Nike pays there advertising department like a cajillion bucks a year and the best thing they can come up with is a rip off of a 20 year old album cover? And not just ANY record, it's friggin MINOR THREAT! A band that is about as anticorporate as they come. Sad, truly sad. I just hope the new crop of skaters see right through this sham. and Hey Phil, this will NOT give you any indie cred I assure you. (thanks for the heads up Tankie)

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June 24, 2005

me name drop? never!

Rob and I caught up with one of our oldest friends last night. (yes Mom, I'll ring you and fill you in) His band is doing a quick tour of Australia and they were doing an in-store signing and we decided to see if he wanted to hang out. He was tickled pink. So, we had a bit of dinner then came back to our place and drank way too many beers....(you know how when you don't see someone for a while and it's just like no time had passed at all? Well, that's what last night was like. We got all caught up, filled in all the blanks and had a heap of fun.)
But I must say, having a friend who is a full-on rock star is a little strange. There were like 300 kids waiting to meet him and his band members. We watched all these 15 year olds wait patiently in the long queue, get their 2 minutes and then get all giddy about the hat or CD that they just had signed. Matt said this kinda thing happens whenever they do signings. It must be strange to have people want stuff off of you everywhere you go. That would drive me crazy. He seems to be taking it all pretty well. But he does get to do cool stuff like travel the world and meet people like Dave Grohl. Cool, eh?
I think we are going to try to hang out again on Saturday. More later.


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June 22, 2005

Hi all! Can you let me know how long it takes for my new banner to load for you? thanks heaps (kris does it look ok on mac?) I'm just tryin' to work all the bugs out.


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June 21, 2005

DILO/ 21 June 05


Here's my Day In the Life Of entry for this month. DO you think I like that whole take-the-photo-in-the-rear-view-mirror trick thing or what? bah!


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June 20, 2005


hooray for minor victories!


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I know, I know, I keep messing with my layout, colours, etc. I'm like a toddler with new box of 24, I'll settle down to one look at some point I promise....


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Rob and I are always going off at news people when they screw up the use of the term 'literally'. Like the other day there was this news story about this town that needed to fix their big-ass clock because it had been struck by lightning and had stopped. The chick reporting the story said, 'time literally stood still' when they took the clock down. Well, NO time didn't stand still (thank god) the clock just stopped. Get a grip.

Anyway. Here is one for the news people. A literal Mexican standoff! You get that one for free, next time you're gettin' a bill.


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June 19, 2005

Message brought to you by Telstra MMS

Message brought to you by Telstra MMS
Originally uploaded by gadgetgirl.

OK, so ya see this entry. This is what happens when I take a pic with my phone and send it through flickr to my blog. what bugs me is that I get all that 'brought to you by Telstra' stuff. Does anyone know how to NOT have all of that show up?

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June 18, 2005

So, I've mentioned before that we are going to the Harry Potter book launch with Kris and Rodd in a couple of weeks. And last night I got a frantic call from Kris letting us know that she had recieved an email from Gleebooks informing everyone that they must come in wizard garb. See, the thing is, Rob had planned on going as a muggle. We even got him a hat to wear all the way from the US. bugger. Now we have to come up with a new costume for him. AND I still have to finish mine (I'm going as Madam Pinch, the librarian, go fig).
Any ideas for a quick and clever Potter costume for Rob?


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June 16, 2005

I'm geekin SO HARD on these. So, the question is, how can I take a Virgin Atlantic fight soon? They will end up being so collectable. And guess what, they are already up on eBay. go fig.


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June 15, 2005

three things

-'Church Sign Generator'- probably the most brilliant things I have ever seen on the 'net. Hours of fun for the whole fmaily. (from snarky)

-I'm sure you are as sick as I am of seeing Michael Jackson, but take my word for it and see what The Daily Show had to say about it. Laugh out loud stuff. I think I have a crush on Jon Stewart....

-And, uh, this little nugget from SMH...uh, ok.....scary or just silly? what do you think?


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June 14, 2005

Come on in...

This is my new home. Welcome. Feel free to put up your feet and grab a drink. The bait's over there, the brew's right here....

And, no I wont be posting over on the LJ blog so if you wanna update your links, go for it. (yes, that is a disgusting attempt to hike up my google ranking...who said I was subtle?)

Thanks for putting up with the tests and all....I can't belive I'm leaving LJ after what, three years, wow. But hey, time marches on (and on this blog, my MOM can post if she wants to HINT HINT)


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Hey Kris, did you notice that the Hogwarts Train trip is sold out? (man I am such a dork!) Good thing you finished Rodd's scarf. I really need to get crackin' on my costume....


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June 13, 2005


Originally uploaded by gadgetgirl.

I think I have loaded this photo like 5 times. I've been tweaking the layout a bunch and I think I finally have one I like.

But anyway, this is the cat again. He likes to hang out in boxes and spy on the humans. But he isn't very sly about it.


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can you see this post? thanks


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June 12, 2005

Just so you know I'll

Just so you know I'll soon be leaving Live Journal and joining the Movable Type family. The good thing is that I will have a lot more control of this here blog, the bad thing is that when I downloaded my archive I couldn't get the comments to come along. (if you know how to do it, can ya let me in??? Jim??? anyone???)

But don't worry, when I do the switch I'll post a link here for you. More later.


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June 11, 2005

I love the Haunted Mansion.

I love the Haunted Mansion. I love the Haunted Mansion. I LOVE THE HAUNTED MANSION.....

but I do NOT need yet another crafty project. and where would I put it?


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June 10, 2005

would you buy this?

OK, so here is what I want.

You know those non-skid mat things that you put in the shower? I want one that has either a strip of pumice or a section of some other sandpaper like substance in it. The way I see it, you could stand in the shower and and rub your foot back and forth on the rough spot and get rid of all those dead skin cells while waiting for your conditioner to work. (I am forver forgetting to use my little pumice stone)

That should work, right?


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June 07, 2005

So my hubby and I

So my hubby and I had this brilliant idea while we were driving idea home tonight. You know how there are WAY too many big ole SUVs (aka 4 wheel drives) on the roads here on Australian roads driven by smug suburban Mums? Well, I figured there has to be a way to get up their collecive nose.

So here is the plan. I am going to import the first Hummer to Sydney (for the Americans, no, we don't have them here) , I am going to paint it hot pink then paint a huge adultshop.com.au ad across both sides, the top, and maybe even the back window.(hummer, adult shop, get it?) I figure the sight of it will send the soccer Mums set just bonkers. Think about it. It IS an SUV, something they love, and the fact that it will actually be even bigger than their automobile, HA! But the fact that, gasp, it will be advertising S.E.X, yikes. Can't you just see me driving this big ass beast to work? Oh, it would be just brilliant.

Now if I can just figure out how to install solar panels onto it (I don't want to burn all that fuel after all).....AND get adultshop.com.au to pay for it....



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June 06, 2005

Pardon me while I loose all street cred....

Kelly, hey, listen, I have seen your new video and I think we need to have a chat, woman to woman. 5 words for you: "step away from the stylist". (LOOK AT YOURSELF,OK?) Now I know the retro 80's thing is all in and whatever, but take my word for it, this whole trashy Stevie Nicks/Prince/Madonna-wannabe look is not doing you any justice. Really. I'm sure you are just trying to break out of that whole 'girl next door' image and that's fine and we get it, you have an 'edge' but you are about three awards shows away from dressing (or UNdressing) like Lil Kim. Think about it....

Where are the gals from Go Fug Yourself when you need them?


(I just have to add that I don't normally even sit through an entire Kelly Clarkson video, but that outfit just grabbed my attention when it came on the other day. I thought it was a joke. Come on, you have to admit she looks silly. I'm going to go put on some Chemical Brothers or Dead Kennedys or something to cleanse myself)

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I am on hold. See,

I am on hold.
See, my oven stopped working last night (AFTER I made up a pizza from scratch and tried to cook it but the oven never quite heated up. Just for the record you cannot cook a pizza in the broiler (aka grill, the thing under the oven). I was planning on making some banana bread with the ever browning bananas in my kitchen but I think it will have to wait. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find someone who will come out and fix.....

OK, it is 3/4 an hour later. I've been on hold with 3 different places and Rob ended up finding some place that will come out..... late next week. Now it seems with the age of our oven it might just be easier and cheaper just to replace the whole oven. So we have to wait to see what the landlord wants to do. Hopefully I will get to bake something, oh, in a few weeks.

And they keep showing that bloody DJs clearance ad that I'm in. Thank god you can't tell it's me, how embarrassing would that be? It was like 100 years ago and my hair is so short! Yikes. (if you see a David Jones sale ad with a couple of people putting clearance signs in a show window, I'm the one carrying the ladder in my socks, that has to be some sort of health hazard)


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June 03, 2005

three things

1. Does anyone have a recipe for Hawaiian bread that doesn't involve a bread maker? I've had a hankerin' for it and Australians just look at me funny when I ask about it.

2. I'm sure I remember a few of these strange old McDonald ads...the one with the dancing waste bins seems familiar. And is it just me or is Larry the lead cop from Law and Order SVU? Maybe it is just me....(link from my bro)

3. I don't know what freaks me out most about this video. The fact that the puppet's mouth doesn't match up with the singing, the overuse of weird wipes and fade outs, the bizarre set or the fact that they are all, well, INSANE! I mean really, is this whole thing meant to get little kids into their religion or give them nightmares? Really? (link from Snarky)



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