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July 09, 2005

DIY Potter Coins

So here is a better pic of the Harry Potter coins that we made yesterday. Didn't they come up cool?

Here's how to make your own:

You'll need Gold, silver and bronze Fimo, a rolling pin, small circular cookie cutters, some sort of alphabet rubber stamp set, mythical themed rubber stamps or charms (I found these in the scrapbooking section), black acylic paint and gold acylic paint.

-roll out the clay and cut out the sizes you want for your coins

-press the coin names and decorations

-bake according to package then let cool.

-do a wash of black on the silver and bronze coins and gold on the gold coins and wipe off excess paint so it only stays in the crevaces. This will give that aged look.

-watch your Potter crazy friends go nuts (or should I say KNUTS!)

here are more photos of the process.


Posted by gadgetgirl at July 9, 2005 05:46 PM


DAMMIT! I knew I shouldn't have waited to put the other photos up!

Posted by: Kris at July 10, 2005 09:41 AM

Those coins look very poorly made. You should be ashamed of yourself. It's people like you who taint the interweb.

Posted by: Vlad Drakul at July 10, 2005 12:28 PM

Vlad, drop dead. This is a cool idea and the coins look fine. I think I will make some for my children and maybe some extras to give out when we go to bookstore for the midnight party.

Posted by: Lee at July 10, 2005 12:37 PM

Bwahahaha! "Taint the interweb." *wipes tear away* Spoken like a true lameass Farker troll.

Posted by: Kris at July 10, 2005 01:02 PM

Hilarious! what is up with Vlad?!

The coins are the shiznit Amy. Its so nice to hear you are putting you powers to good instead of evil.

Sparky in my new cinnnamon doughnut hero!

Posted by: Kath at July 10, 2005 03:55 PM

fair enough Vlad, let's see what you can come up with.


(and BTW, thanks for getting my back guys!)

Posted by: gadgetgirl at July 10, 2005 04:22 PM

Not to pick nits... but aren't the wizard coins non-circular? I don't remember if they say what shapes they are, but I do remember Ron being fascinated by the round muggle money (50 pence piece) Harry got for Christmas in year one.

Posted by: Nit picking at July 11, 2005 12:17 AM

well, 50 pence pieces are not round anyway. they have 7 sides. see: http://www.numizmat.net/catalogue/elizabeth2/1982-1984_50_pence.html

Posted by: kristen at July 11, 2005 12:35 AM

yeah we did take a little artistic license with the shapes. i figure if they are truly 'magical' then they will do some shape shifting....that's my story...

Posted by: gadgetgirl at July 11, 2005 07:40 AM

Those are very cute! I bet they'd take them Hogsmeade!

Posted by: :: jozjozjoz :: at July 11, 2005 08:01 AM

thanks for that joz, I'm hoping to get some Chocolate frogs with them, whoo-hoo!

Posted by: gadgetgirl at July 11, 2005 09:08 PM

you're on boingboing.net!

Posted by: courtney at July 11, 2005 11:06 PM

I know, how nuts is that?!/!!?!

Posted by: gadgetgirl at July 12, 2005 07:48 PM

I love these!!!

Thanks joz and gadgetgirl, you're the BEST!!!

(rolls up his sleeves and starts baking)

Posted by: Howard at July 13, 2005 09:53 AM

Awesome coins. We are just printing ours. Both my kids and my neice came with me last time, this time just my daughter and I. Never know, might see you tomorrow. OMG to getting up in the middle of the night.

Posted by: Pauline at July 15, 2005 05:28 PM

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