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March 29, 2006


Oh man, if you haven't seen the spoof of the now infamous 'Where The Bloody Hell Are You?' ad you have GOT to see it. It is absolutely hilarious.
It does contain even more colourful language than the original.
So if a few swear words and drug references annoy you, don't watch. mk?

Otherwise, here ya go


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fast fashion

Who needs fashion magazines when you have the wardrobe_remix pool at flickr?
And you don't need to sift through all of those cosmetic ads.


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March 27, 2006

Aussie aussie aussie

The stupid-ass Aussie daylight savings time stuff up made boing boing.
oi, oi, oi!


(for those not on this side of the equator, some Australian states decided to hold off changing the clocks so that everyone at the Commonwealth Games could have that extra hour of sunshine. And for those who are scratching their heads asking, "Commonwealth wha?" Here ya go Think of it as the Olympics where England actually gets a few medals)

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March 25, 2006

Sparky has to go the the V-E-T this morning in the C-A-R. shhh...don't tell...


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March 24, 2006


A while back I mentioned our geekin' Star Wars wedding cake topper and how you can now fork out big bucks for one of your own.
Well, after I posted that I realized that I didn't have any photos of our DIY version (well, except those in the massive wedding album)

So while on lots of sinus medication I took a few shots.

It is a little faded after 5 years, but I still like it a lot.


(this link is for Ryan. I love a good Woody. *sigh*)

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March 20, 2006

cat outta the bag.

OK, it's official.
Today we bought plane tickets to the US.
We will be there for three weeks in June.
At this point it looks like we will be in Seattle, Chicago, Peoria, Port Charlotte Fla and maybe Wisconsin. A bit of a whirlwind tour, ah?

I'm excited, and a little nervous.
It has been a few years since we've been there and I know it has changed a lot. I don't know if I'm prepared for it....but I am prepared for the shopping! I have started a list already. tee-hee.

But more will be revealed later.
And I need to organize the cat sitter. eeek!


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March 19, 2006

watch me go all high brow on your ass

Harry Seidler passed away.
Why was it not on the news? Why am I the last to know?

Last year we finally made it over to the Rose Seidler house, a sleek post-modern house in the suburbs of Sydney. It is the house of my dreams. And every year they have a fab 50's festival, but some how we always miss it. But really, the house is well worth checking out if you are in Sydney, it so rocks!
Most Sydneysiders will be more familiar with Seidler's skyscrapers. (like the MLC and Australia Square). The Sydney skyline would not be the same without Seidler.
As with most bold artists, Seidler had his fair share of controversy. He was one of the architects that helped to create one of Sydney's eyesore buildings...The Blues Point Tower. Not the most, um, sensitive structure every built...but everyone is allowed one AI, right?

You can probably tell that I am a little bit of a architecture geek and when we moved to Sydney I was really impressed with Seidler's work. It's sensitive, bold and just a bit sexy.
I'll have to have a quiet moment next time I'm on my way to the US Embassy, it just happens to be in the MLC.

But I also have a new art crush. Sally Smart is my new most fav Aussie artist. She makes these amazingly huge cut out collages that are at once both delicate and bold. But get this, and Kate will love this, she has done a series about female pirates. FEMALE PIRATES! How cool is that?
Be sure to have a really good look through that last link, there are some great images there. It makes me want to hop on a plane to Melbourne to catch the show. Hey crumpet, have you seen it??

Well, that's a post in a half. I'll leave you with something a little more down to earth....rockin' out on a unicorn! whoo-hoo. (thanks snarky)


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March 18, 2006

What's blond, fuzzy and blind?
No, not one of the Hilton sister on a Saturday night.

It's is a lobster lookin' creature that was just discovered deep deep in the ocean. I just love it when they find some new freaky animal at the bottom of the ocean. And look at it, it has friggin' monkey arms. Mother Nature has an amazing sense of humour.

ooh, oooh, and if you like this new little guy, you can make your very own. Go on, give 'em a cuddle.


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March 16, 2006

Living Vicariously...

Damn, I really wish I could be at SXSW this year.

There are over 20 Aussie bands there, how cool is that? I sure hope some of those Aussies get some great exposure. I know some people will rave about Wolfmother...but I have to admit I'm not a big fan, sorry. But Kisschasey and End of Fashion are pretty fun.

Oh,oh, oh and they are having a friggin LEGO PLAYPEN. (my Mom can attest to my addiction to the brightly coloured blocks) But seriously, a chance to play millions and millions of Legos? Sweet.
Be sure to check out some pics at Flicr.
The lovely and talented Cinnachick has some great shots, I'm SO jealous.

And Done Waiting has heaps of recaps, including one about the Lips....sigh....


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The battle to end all battles.
Nuns vs Librarians
Head to head geekiness.


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March 13, 2006

It's time for.....

I can't belive it.

It looks like Warner Bros. are FINALLY going to release Volume 1 of the Animaniacs on DVD in July this year. (with another set to follow around Christmas time)

The exact release date is still very tentative and all of the reports on the net are from 'industry sources', so I'm taking it all with a grain of salt. I mean really, it isn't 'officially' listed on Amazon yet.

But if all goes well, you know I'll be ready and waiting at my laptop on July 25 to put my order in.

oh happy day!

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March 12, 2006

day 4

I just took picture #472 on my new Canon 350D.
Jeez, that didn't take long.

Well, since I've had the fancy-pants camera for 4 whole days, I figured it was time for me to do a bit of research and figure out how to work this crazy thing.

I've joined two different 350D groups over at flickr and I'm watching for photos that I like and then checking out the exif data. I find it really helpful to see how other people get good shots. (what did people do before flickr???)

I also LOVE Dan's article about how to shoot live music. He's got some awesome tips there. I think I'm living vicariously through...but only a little...

Oh, and being married to someone who has his BA in photography is pretty damn handy. Rob has become a translator/guide/cheerleader. (and he's pretty damn good with a camera, imho)

But I have to say I've got a LOT to learn.
This is one steep learning curve I've signed up for.

And YES, I'm going to read the manual.


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we forgot about the flowers....

I'm sitting here watching Ice Castles.

I really need to get out of the house....


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March 11, 2006


If you aren't doing anything this Sunday then why not mosey on down to Gallery Fourtyfour in Darlinghurst.

Fun will be had by all.


But what to wear, what to wear?


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what the?

When we got married over five years ago Rob made our cake topper. Since we are big ole' Star Wars geeks we decided on a Princess Leia/Han Solo thing. It cost like $12 or something and it was one of a kind. (and got lots of giggles at the reception)

Well, if you know a Star Wars geek that is too lazy (or to uncrafty) to make their own, they can run pop and buy one...for $95USD!

How slack is that?


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March 10, 2006

Where the Bloody Hell Are You?

The Brits need to get a bloody sense of humour.
The ad in question is here if you want to judge the 'offensiveness' for yourself.

Come to think of it this might bode well for the ad campaign. You just know that as soon as they hear that an ad with a gorgeous Aussie blond in a bikini got banned they will be tripping over themselves to get to the web site.
hmm, quite clever really.


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March 09, 2006

pretty newness

new camera, originally uploaded by yankinoz.

look who got a new camera.

I think there will be an amazingly steep learning curve on this one....


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how to make me laugh

1. Take a pirated print of Revenge of the Sith to China.
2. Dub film into local language
3. Subtitle new version back into unbelievably broken English

see it for yourself. (thanks [Cherry] Ride)


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March 06, 2006

faster than a speeding cataloguer

Watch me loose any cred I had with four little words:

Librarian trading cards, COOL!



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March 05, 2006

horses horses horses

The Mardi Gras parade was really really really fun.


I can't believe we have lived in Sydney for 8 years and this was our first one.
I got lots of kisses and cuddles from parade participants (Kate seems to think it has something to do with the 'slut' tattoo on my forehead, who's to say?).

There were lots of cowboys this year, go fig. But there were also a few pirates too!
I'm sure I've mentioned that I LOVE a good pirate. But really, the city was buzzing.
Full of feathers, sequins and cowboys hats. Be sure to check out some of the pics over at Flickr. Rob, Kate and Lil have some good ones. And I took a few too....But I'm sure more people will be adding shots to the Sydney Mardi Gras pool soon.

And in the spirit of the season, I bought tickets to Boy From Oz tonight. I'm going with some girlfriends in September, and assuming that they don't add any other shows we are going to the very last show of the Australian run. Now granted that we are in the nosebleed seats...but I'm sure we are in for a maraca shakin' good time.

OH, oh, oh, I almost forgot. At Mardi Gras, instead of beads they were thowing out whistles, fans and maracas to the crowds. The maracas were supplied by...drum roll please...Tupperware. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Tupperware. They are so cool. Do they know their market or what?

ahhh, Mardi Gras, Peter Allen and maracas. How's that for a weekend? And to top it off, I have tomorrow off.


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March 03, 2006

and you?

Recently, I've been haunting Pink of Perfection (god, I want her HAIR!)and Neatorama


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March 02, 2006

happy happy

Happy Mardi Gras everyone! It looks like we will be going to the parade this year.

oh, be sure you look out for those homosexuals...


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peanut butter

I went to Vinnies when I was at lunch today and picked up an Earthworm Jim* PC game for like $2. It's pretty fun.

I always loved the characters from Earthworm Jim like 'Queen Slug-for-a-Butt', 'Evil the Cat' and my favourite, 'Princess What's-Her-Name'.
(I'm sure I have a Princess What's-Her-Name action figure somewhere...)

And be sure to check out some of the quotes from the show over at IMDB, they are so priceless...but I have a sick sense of humour.

"Superheroes and evil twins go together like peanut butter and... evil peanut butter!" -Earthworm Jim


*Earthworm Jim was a shortlived TV show in the mid 90s

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March 01, 2006

the good (another one for Kris)

the bad (really, what the hell is happening to Chicago?!?!)

and the veggie (for the hookers)


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crazy stuff

There is this crap going on here in Australia regarding kids, the internet and copyright.

From what I can gather there is this non government agency that wants schools to pay a fee for the privilege of letting their students do research on the internet.
Not for the connection, not for printing, not for some guidance...
Just for browsing.
There is no way this can go through.
What will the schools in the outback do? How will they do research? It is so not fair. (they will disconnect the internet from school, that's what they will do!)
I'm going to be watching this one very closely.

(gets down off high horse)

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