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December 30, 2006

topping out

topping out, originally uploaded by gadgetgirl.

guess what we did today

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December 24, 2006

ghost of christmas past

vintage christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!

May all of your Christmas wishes come true


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I think I know what we are watching tonight.
Go on Rudolph!!!


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December 23, 2006

Time to get out the big pants....

I've been feeling a little bit nostalgic lately. (it's that time of year ya know)

So I've been looking up Southern recipes for things like hush puppies, grits (and more grits), corn fritters, corn bread and sweet potatoes (although this recipe even grosses me out!)

And of course recipes for black-eyed peas. You should go out and pick some up today because eating them at New Year's will bring you good luck in the coming year.
But you knew that.


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December 22, 2006

knittin' stuff

Kris has alerted me to the "Knit from Your Stash" challenge that Wendy (from Wendy Knits!) has put out there.
Interesting idea.
I am getting back into knitting (and reading and going to the gym) since finishing school and this might just be the project to light my fire. I do need to do something about my ever growing stash. (I've got a stash that is taking over like some sort of 50's B film monster)


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December 21, 2006


OK, as much as I like having person of the year status, am I the only one who thinks its a bit of a cop out?


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I'm really not in the mood to go to work today. I could just as easliy stay home an watch a DVD.

But tomorrow I only work a half day and then I'm off until Wednesday. Whoo-hoo.

I guess I should just suck it up and go to work.


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December 20, 2006


OK, so to update on the linking is illigal bullcrap that I mentioned yesterday....

So this is what came out of a discussion at work and I think this makes sense. (not that I like it!)

If you link to something on YouTube that YOU put there or something that a reasonable person would think that was an amature video (that doesn't breach copyright) you should be OK. But if you link to something on YouTube that is say, the TV show that was on last night, that's breaking the law. Just for posting the link.

BUT, and this is the scary part, if you just link to the YouTube front page it seems that you could be in trouble because, as we all know, YouTube has material on it that is definitely unauthorised.

Crazy stuff man.


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December 19, 2006

The world has gone mad!


I am risking court action by posting this. A court ruling has said that if you link to a site, just LINK to a site without authorisation, you are breaking copyright.

Here is me breaking copyright.....

Here is the text of ruling. Oops, that's breaking the law again.

Jeez, what is this world coming to. I can't put any links to any web sites without breaking copyright.
This can't stay.


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December 18, 2006


A last minute gift idea for the Flickr whore in your family


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December 14, 2006

Finally! UPDATE!

'Hotline crackdown on rogue cabbies' and it's about time. I can't tell you how much the Sydney taxi situation drives me NUTS! Getting a cab in Sydney on a Saturday night is harder than getting a ticket to that Diana tribute concert.
Seriously, we all agree that people shouldn't drive home after a big night out but most places in Sydney aren't easily accessible by public transport and getting a cab can sometimes take 1/2 and hour to an hour, what's a person supposed to think?

If I had all the money in the world I would open my taxi company that would put extra people on at busy times and on busy nights.

I don't know about you, but I'm putting this number into my phone:

1800 632 500 I hope this is a first step to taking care of this Sydney annoyance.


(read the 'continue' part for the update)

Guess what? I had to ring the 'rogue taxi' number already! That was quick, ek?

Well, last night was the council Christmas party and a we were trying to catch a taxi to the party. This Silver Service cab pulled over, the driver rolled down his window, we told him where we were going and he just shook his head and said, 'uh, no'.
The he just drove off....

I couldn't belive it. Were were four sober suburban libraians, for Pete's sake. We needed about a 10 miunute drive down to the Taronga Zoo wharf (not some crack house) and he didn't want to pick us up? What is that?

Well the guy at the hotline was very nice, got all of my details and is passing it along to the tranportation minister. Take that!


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December 13, 2006

Your thoughts

Is it better to potentially over-dress or under-dress at a company Christmas party?
What is they party is a cruise on the harbour?



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December 11, 2006

NPR Holiday Contest Entry

NPR Holiday Contest Entry, originally uploaded by gadgetgirl.

I finally got myself together and made a Chrissy ornament for the NPR Holiday Contest. I know that using Lego was a little bit of a cop out....but it still came up pretty cool I think.

With all of the war, poverty and starvation in the news this year it seemed to me that our politicians were a little more focused on who should and shouldn't be able to get married. They somehow think that it is going to be the end of our culture as we know it if we allow gay and lesbian marriage to go forward.

With that in mind I created an ornament that should be in the shops this year but sadly is not. An ornament that celebrates the first Christmas of a couple who have pledged their love for each other and are celebrating wedded bliss.

Maybe I will be able to make some of these up next year......

Entry details
Materials: Plastic, paper and sarcasm


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December 08, 2006


So tonight is my office Christmas party and a few of us are making some mixed CDs to bring along.

Now keep in mind that I work with a pretty mixed bunch of people, older, younger, liberal, conservative, etc.

I didn't realize until today how much of my music library is peppered with rude words. It's really quite amazing. And not just the occasional 'damn' or 'shit', but the really offensive stuff. I guess I just don't hear it anymore. I'm having to go through each song to make sure it's at least a little bit respectable.

Is that bad?

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December 07, 2006

that holiday feeling

ooh, NPR is running a Christmas Craft Contest. You're meant to make an ornament that relects a new event from this year.
I'g going to have to get cracin' if I'm going to make something for this one.

But when you browse the flickr pool for the contest you can see the entries that were a little unclear on the concept.


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December 04, 2006

A light and fluffy Three Things

1. That 70's Show AND Will & Grace are both back on Aussie Tv this week. The gods have smiled on me.

2. Make your own cool-as-hell necklaces. And guess who has a bunch of pieces of Perspex? ooh, yes, that would be ME!

3. I am officially a quiche makin' goddess. Tonight's quiche was turkey, swiss and fresh spinach. Much yumminess.


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Thoughts on Borat

Well we saw Borat over the weekend. Now maybe it's because I've seen so much of the hype, but I didn't find it as offensive or as funny as I thought it would be. Maybe I just don't offend that easily. Maybe if I had gone in knowing nothing about the premise I might have had more fun, but maybe I just see Cohen's as a bit of a one trick pony.

Don't get me wrong, it had some laughs, some pretty good laughs, but not the oh-my-gawd-I-can't-catch-my-breath kind of laughs.
And those people that are suing Cohen about their appearance? There was only one guy in the film who came off as a jerk and it had nothing to do with Borat, he just said some very racist and homophobic stuff without any prompting. (If you've seen the film, I'm talking about the guy at the rodeo) Other than that I thought most of the Americans came off as very gracious and helpful. Go fig. Maybe the lawsuits are just a way of getting a big fat check.

But it got the discussion going at our house about what is and isn't offensive humour and for me it's all about intent. I believe that the Borat film is all about how racism, sexism, homophobia and things like that are inherently ridiculous and therefore up for criticism. But if you take Cohen's jokes at face value and not as commentary, then I guess it is very offencive.

So I don't think I'll be running out to buy the DVD, but I am glad I did see it.


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December 03, 2006

Snow update.

I just got this email from my Mom:

Saturday Night about 10:00


1. Peoria's Super Wal-Mart just re-opened about 9:30 PM after
being closed for 2 days;

2. The Bishop announced that Catholics didn't have to go to Mass
tomorrow morning.


That's crazy stuff.

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December 02, 2006

Do Re Mi

Anyone interested in going to the Sound of Music Sing-a-long in February? Rob's not too interested...and that's putting it mildly....


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snow map

Just when I think that I miss winter I get a phone call from my Mom who tells me that she just got 18 inches of snow.
18 inches! Forget about it. Just look at these photos.
I'll keep my hot Decembers thank you very much.


ed to add: you have GOT to read Cherry Ride's thoughts on the dump of snow. Just classic.

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