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June 30, 2007

Gadgetgirl as a Simpson

Gadgetgirl as a Simpson, originally uploaded by gadgetgirl.

and yes, if all the cool kids jumped off of a bridge I would too

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June 29, 2007


On this, my 900th post I'd like to send out a big congrats out to the Sydney Opera House for getting world heritage listing. And it's the baby of the list


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June 26, 2007

Well, they want much for the house than we are willing to pay. (like $50k more...)

No house warming party for us just yet.
But at least we don't have to move anytime soon....I hate moving.

So we are back to the drawing board...trolling the property web sites...spending our Saturdays at open houses....wish us luck.

Maybe the perfect place is just around the corner and we can drive by this old place and wish the new owners well. (or moon 'em...I haven't decided which)


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June 25, 2007


We've put a bid in on a house.
(insert stressed-out laugh here)
I'm trying not to get too excited. But at least we've done it. Should this one not work out I'm pretty happy that we've gotten to this point and I've learned so much about the process. And next time I will be more comfortable with all of this.

But hey, if you can cross your fingers and say a little prayer for us...well...I wont turn it down....



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June 22, 2007

t shirt of the millisecond

im in ur blog
invading ur links

(insert cat pic here)


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June 20, 2007

Ok, apparently my cat has been smoking crack while I was at the gym. Jeez, what can you do with a cat on crack?


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Six weeks till Harry Potter! aaaahhhhhhhhh

I really need to get crackin' on our costumes for our trip on the Gleewarts Express.
Question: Does anyone know where we can hire some black robes? Like graduation robes?


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June 19, 2007

Just in time for my birthday list, Kris posts a link to a sideways knitted sock. I think this might be my first one.

So I might just take his sock challenge to a different level and, say, try a bunch of different methods out there. Traditional, toe up, the previously mentioned sideways and maybe the double circ methods can be up for experimentation. Are there any I'm missing? hmm...this might require a little bit of research....

Where's that sock wool?


(now you know that this could all go out the window if we buy a house that needs a lot of painting, carpet removal, etc)

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June 17, 2007

Deep Thoughts

How much love do you need to have for a house to take on a reasonably big renovation project? Should love even enter into it?

And when does a 'fixer upper' become a 'money pit'?
I guess that is the real question.


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June 15, 2007


I thought I'd post this just in case any of you are in the market for a giant creepy fiberglass pig wearing an apron

just in case....

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So we are geared up for another weekend of house hunting.
But this weekend is different.

We have figured out that the Inner West, while very 'cool', is over priced and way too competitive for us. My blood pressure can't take those auctions with all of the hipsters.

So we are taking a different approach. As much as I'd love to live close to the City, we are starting to look for houses our in an area called the 'Upper North Shore' (so the real estate people call it). For the same price as a unit or tiny semi* in the Inner West we can get a big-ass 3 bedroom house out in the Uppper North.

One of the places we like is in Wahroonga, not too far from the Rose Seidler House. My favourite house in Sydney. AND host to the annual 50's Fair. That could be convenient

We shall see how we go......


*a 'semi' is kind of like a row house in the US. But not quite as cool...ok, sometimes they are cool....

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June 13, 2007

A tiny bit early....


Do you think this TV will fit in my stocking? I really like how it's a mirror when it's not in use. Very trick. Don't you think?
Thanks Santa. You're the best!


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June 12, 2007

getting off to a great start

I did #5 on my birthday list over the weekend.
I took 8+ bags to the brand new Vinnie's today.
That's 8 bags of clothing I won't have to move to #4


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June 11, 2007

Rock climbing haiku

Took my first lead fall
At the gym and I'm OK
Good for experience, bad for pride

(ok, the haiku part of this fell apart at the end there....but hey...ya gotta start somewhere)


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June 09, 2007

overheard at the library

ME: You have $1.10 owing on your card
CUSTOMER: $1.10?!?!?! I thought libraries were suppsed to be FREE!
ME: They are when you bring back your books on time.

Libraries: 1
Stupid Customers: 0


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June 06, 2007

belated birthday

A few years ago I started making birthday goal lists a few years ago. The one I made last year was mixed. I never got around to making that apple pie or cleaning out my closet (see the list below) but I did go to the theatre a bunch.

So here's my list for this year:
1. Wear my hair down at least twice a week (I've been wearing it pulled back way too much)
2. Knit some socks (let's say 3 pair)
3. Make it a habit to drink a glass of water when I get home from work
4. Buy property (or have a damn good reason why not!)
5. Clean out my closet. Clean out my closet. Clean out my bloody closet!!!! (I really need to do it soon, it is out of control)
6. Shoot more portraits..I know I should put something more difinative on this, but
7. Eat something raw with most meals

that should about do it.


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I don't know how to start this post. (don't you have it when people say that?)

Well, for those who don't know, I haven't been posting much because I was in the States. And I was in the States because my beautiful grandma passed away.
Grandma Betty was the best. The best hugger. The best cheerleader. The best-chicken-soup-maker. The best don't-tell-your-mom-but-here-have-this-candy kind of Grandma.

I feel very lucky to have had her in my life. Very lucky. There are so many of us who will miss her.

One of the things my aunt and cousin found at her house while cleaning up was a big box of old photos. (like every grandma, she was very proud of her family) I was able to take some of these photos and am in the process of scanning them and cleaning them up.

This one is from June 1973. Ain't we sweet? I love those glasses. Anyway, I'll be scanning more as time goes on. (and Jim, I'll send you a bunch after I've scanned them. I'll email you) I hope you like them. There are a couple of real doosies in this pack.

Ya know, it's kind of funny. I saw something when I was looking at these old photos. I realized that I have my grandma's hands. I look at photos of her at my age and we have the exact same hands. Now, I've never really liked my hands, they've been mostly utilitarian. But far too skinny and veiny. But my Grandma's hands were soft, comforting, familiar. And as it turns out, I have those hands. Since I've had that realisation, I feel like I have a little part of her with me at all times...a living reminder....and it's not so bad.

So thanks for being patient with me internet. I promise to write more (boy, that's one of those 'the check's in the mail' lines if ever I've heard one) And thanks to everyone who made the trip easier (Mom, Rob, Jim ,Amy, Scotty, Jess. You guys know how much I love ya)

Back to normal blogging now. I hope....


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June 05, 2007


Ocpot Presents … LOLHeroes
Thank you Ocelopotamus.
Thank you.


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June 04, 2007

aaaannnddd...we're back

It's been a crazy month.

It would take too long to go into it all. I've actually been dreading coming back to my blog, just because there was too much to say.

But I'm back. I'll try to blog more and post more photos.


Oh, and I'll take a photo of my fancy new black boots. They rock!

thanks for understanding my absence.


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