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August 31, 2008

for my hubby


I love you, but no, honey , mk?

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good find

MSN NZ has an awesome DIY section
I'm loving the footstool, the raised gardens, the tea towels
so clever


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August 30, 2008

for your viewing pleasure

The now banned 'beaver' tampon ad

Just because I'm thinking of ads....
Yea, it's a little offensive to some, but I love it.
According to the Gruen Transfer it is the most complained about ad in Australia in 2008.
And if you are feeling particularly saucy, scroll down on that Gruen Transfer link for more, ahem, euphemisms.


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my style

there's this fun little quiz to help you find your design style. Apparently my style is 'funky modern'. Now while I hate the term 'funky' almost as much as I have the term 'eclectic' (too me ecclectic=noncommital) the description seems about right especially since we just bought an Eames chair this weekend (ok, an Eames reproduction, but a damn nice one)

Your modern and lively sense of style is perfect for today's easy living, and just about suits any budget. Perhaps some of your favourite things were picked up at a car boot sale, in a market while on holiday, or handed down through the family. At the same time, you might have saved, or be saving, for the perfect Eames chair or Mies sofa, a classic that never goes out of style and something you will take with you from one home to the next.


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Public service announcement

Factoid of the day:

Rock Lobster by the B52's was first released in 1978
Does that make ya feel old or what?


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August 27, 2008


ok, if you like I'll point and laugh at you for being a fashion victim and I'll do it for a LOT less than $285USD

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sharing with the class

For those who aren't seeing this on TV...behold the brilliance:

the drumming gorilla


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August 20, 2008

we're number one!

Ku Ring Gai council, the council area that we just moved into, has just been ranked the #1 across the state in a "quality of life" index.
Take that!
Apparently we have lots of trees, educated people, high home ownership, access to broadband and good health. And that makes our area really fancy-pants

I guess we made the right choice in moving out here, eh?


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so I want to know who the hell is paying $96 (pluss booking fees) to see the bloody BANGLES!?!?!?
The Bangles, really? $96?
What the hell?

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August 19, 2008


Last night I went with Kris, Miss Fee and The SV to see David Sedaris talk at the Opera House (yes, the OPERA HOUSE!) He was as brilliant as you might expect. Funny, insightful, a little dorky, and utterly charming. He's the find of dinner guest you dream about.
He told a could of stories that he couldn't include in new book because they didn't translate well, they needed to be read aloud. One was about a university professor who did what I lovingly call an 'SBS pronunciation'. See, here in Sydney, the SBS is a public Tv station that is has a very good reputation for insightful news broadcasting. But some of their on air talent like to pronounce foreign words as if they are saying them in the native tongue. So they will be chatting away about some conflict in South America in a typical Aussie accent blah, blah, blah and then whenever they get to the name of the country involved they instantly start rolling r's and whatnot. It's a little irritating really.
David Sedaris' professor did this with the word 'Nicaragua'. This American professor pronounced it like he was born and bread in Tijuana
I wished I had the time to stay and have a book signed just so I could have told him about the SBS, and that he should definitely catch the news before he left this fair country.

Maybe next time.
Until then I'll be putting my name down for this new book at my library

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August 10, 2008


I really like the Eames stools (man, if I'm not careful I could end up with an all Eames house!)...but then again...any of these might just do the trick...how sexy are they? Don't you just want to touch 'em?

Anyone know a good outlet for cool stools in Sydney? Or anyone have any thoughts on how to make cool chunky stools?


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