September 04, 2010

Quick 3

To read
To make
To covet (I just love when people re-purpose things into homes)

-gg (who needs to hit the books, stat)

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August 18, 2010

Three Things (the 'I really should be editing' edition)

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I really should be editing or something but here I am posting random links in my blog:
1. Homemade Ginger Ale, mmmm
2. Library Hotel Thailand, ooooo
3. Boobie Beanie, huh?

-gg (ok, back to the books little missy)

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May 18, 2010

Three Things (thanks BB)


1. How cool are these tattoo dolls? So clever.
2. The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making (the free online novel won the Andre Norton Award for Young Adult Science Fiction)
3. They are making a sequel to The Dark Crystal. I'm not sure how I feel about this.

-gg (celebrates the irony)

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April 24, 2010

Three Things (Get out!)

DILO glittery, originally uploaded by gadgetgirl.

Upcoming fun things in Sydneytown

1. Wrong Prom 2010

2. Sydney Burlesque Festival

3. Upcoming crafty classes

-gg (who wont have time for any of these things because of all the Uni work...but can live vicariously through others)

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March 15, 2010

gifty ideas for every budget

1. small (made the hubby smile)
2. medium (but they don't have girl sizes, boo)
3. large (Duchamp owns everything)

-gg (you can thank me later)

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February 04, 2010

Three things (me want)

1. 100 Penguin postcards
2. Imagination poster. I do love a good quote
3. Helvetica Cookie Cutters. so simple. so awesome.

-gg (who is helping with Valentines Day shopping)

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October 11, 2009

Best of the Web

1. Rainbow cake- yes, I know people have make rainbow cakes before...but this one is utterly amazing
2. Things you can/can't freeze- I didn't know you could freeze nuts or fresh whipped cream. Interesting
and lastly...
3. The most incredible thing I have ever seen ever ever. If anyone is thinking of getting me something for Christmas (or just for Thursday) this is the actual working WAND! For real real (not for play play) I think I popped a vein when I read about this one.


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August 03, 2009

Three things (yet again)

1. Upcycle a T-shirt into cardigan, sweet!

2. I just want to touch this house and maybe spoon it..just a that so wrong?

3. A very timely article considering I'm working on my guest room at the moment


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May 02, 2009

Three things (the sickie edition)

So I'm just getting over the flu (lucky for me not the bacon style) and while stuck on the sofa I came across some interesting links.

1. An strange mix of tastes in this ABC dip
2. Some beautiful hand printed fabrics out of Melbourne (as if I need more..)
3. A different type of collection


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April 04, 2009

Three things (plus one)

Four reasons why I love Swiss Miss!

1. Photo essay of stores that are no more
2. Knitted cuckoo clock
3. Geeky T

4. Road rage signs. Brilliant!


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March 09, 2009

Three Things Go Crafty (plus one)

1. How to hang pictures. REALLY good guidelines...but then again...guidelines are fun to break
2. Button necklaces by Susan Beal!
3. I didn't know that you could make cold porcelain at home. cool
4. I still like the moss graffiti, and it uses BEER! sweet


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February 13, 2009

Three Things (random)

1. Swimming with tigers (my dream job..if I can ever get over my putting head under water)
2. Oh, Jesus (for Amy)
3. Food tattoos (A few too many cupcakes...London's food ink is SO much better! But you have to love the knuckle sandwich, lol)


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January 25, 2009

Three things (Wii edition)

1. Check out these Wii cupcakes! (Kris is SOOO going to want to make these)
2. President Obama Mii (you know I have one!)
3. Oh, and speaking of Obama and Wii...isn't it cool that the First Family have one? I just love them more and more.


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January 18, 2009

Three things (crafty edition)

1. The new Brother Quattro 6000 in friggin HD! How cool is that. now if just had a spare $9K....drool
2. Wii Knitting (Maybe Kris will stop playing guitar hero for 5 mintues)
3. Neck sausage..that's just rude...Thank god it doesn't come with some sort of 'smell-o-vision'


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September 23, 2008

I'm SOOOOOO tired of these

If I never hear these things ever again I'll be a happy woman:

Steampunk- its just Mad max with a new name
Chasing Cars- its not THAT good, lord, really
Sarah Palin- la la la la la...she's not la la la la


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July 28, 2008

Three things

Three things that made me smile today:
1. Brilliant LOL cat
2. Yard sculpture (I want it! the hubby isn't so sure...)
3. The painting in this living room. Damn, I might just have to steal that idea for our new place, its too amamzing.

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January 03, 2008


Three things that made me laugh out loud this week:

1. Freezer tetris
2. Gauntlet of suck
3. Yacht rock

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July 10, 2007

Three things (very random)

1. OK, I'm with Laura on this one, I might just need to order this Halloween book.

2. I saw the Best. Bumpersticker. Ever. 'Nixon is no longer the worst president in history'

3. I made Rubbernun's crumble recipe and omigawd it is so yum. I made it with apples and pears. If you are looking for an easy yummy dessert recipe then try this one. Here is a visual tutorial.


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April 22, 2007

Three things (sound effects issue)

1. Chung Chung

2. Pew Pew Pew

3. (insert sound of smacking forehead w/palm)


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December 04, 2006

A light and fluffy Three Things

1. That 70's Show AND Will & Grace are both back on Aussie Tv this week. The gods have smiled on me.

2. Make your own cool-as-hell necklaces. And guess who has a bunch of pieces of Perspex? ooh, yes, that would be ME!

3. I am officially a quiche makin' goddess. Tonight's quiche was turkey, swiss and fresh spinach. Much yumminess.


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November 07, 2006

three things

1. Clinton scores a slam dunk. Rock on Billy!

2. It would take 142.19 cups of 'brewed imported tea' to kill me

3. Just in case you were unsure how to pronounce 'barbiturate',
here's a handy chart
for ya. It's a really funny list. But I must admit there are a few things on it that I've said....oh, not that I would say them now, oh no, I'm far too sophisticated for that.....


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August 12, 2006

three things

1. How soon we forget.

2. Finally, useful origami (but why is the Bounce in the kitchen?)

3. Now don't get me wrong, I love my cat. A lot! And the Kattbank is probably the most brilliant kitty litter box I have ever seen. But for Pete's sake, I think it costs more than my first car!


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July 25, 2006

three things (the photo edition!)

trip 35

Looks who's got a new toy!

Yeah, I thought I should try my hand at shooting film. Rob says that this little camera comes well regarded. So there is a roll of black and white in that bad boy and I'm itchin' to get shooting.
But ya know what's funny? the film cost more than the

Here's one way to get kids to smile at the camera ;)

I've found a local place that sells the ever-so-cool GorillaPod Tripod. I've been jonesing for one of these ever since I saw Phineas' when we were in Chicago.


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May 09, 2006

three things

1. I'd love to buy these and put them on all the bloody SUVs around my library but I'm pretty sure council would frown on it. And I kinda like my job....

2. I wonder if I could make this kick ass space saving desk-bed-thing out of stuff from IKEA?

3. A joke for ya:

George W. Bush went into a library and announced in a loud voice "I'd like a cheeseburger and fries please!"

The librarian replied "But sir, this is a library!"

"Gee, I'm sorry" said the President, then whispered "I'd like a cheeseburger and fries please". (a big shout out to Snarky for that one)


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February 18, 2006

three things

1. Sistine Chapel in cross stitch. It took her 10 years to complete. What do you do when you finish a 10 year project? Write a book of course!

2. Make a pinhole camera made from an Altoids tin...Just for future reference.

3. Whip Up. How is it that I JUST found this site?!?!


Oh and we saw Capote today. Still digesting it....

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November 01, 2005

three things

1. Over 100 people have looked at my shot of Kris' Halloween spread. Why not have a look for yourself?

2. MST3K baby blanket. Wow. It almost makes me want to have a baby. (from Crumpart)

3. Two words....Lego Guitar. rock on! (again from Crumpart)


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October 16, 2005

Three things

1. New addition to my blog roll. And thanks to Kris I now have have a new obsession; Sydney Food Blogs!

2. Just in time for halloween, Dawn of the Dead. KNITTED! (from Boing Boing)

3. Cute baby t-shirt.


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August 09, 2005

Three Things

1. I love this kitty photo. Yes, cats can fly.

2. How to make a black and white digital photos. A bit complicated, but very cool. (from MAKE)

3. Crafting Japanese. very VERY cool stuff. Helen, you'll love this one.


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July 17, 2005

three things

The Good: DIY Graham Crackers For those who DON'T live in the US and still want to make smores from time to time (here ya go Helen!!!)

The Bad: 'Grossest. Pet. Story. Ever.' Do not read this while you are eating, really! (thanks Tankie, sort of...)

And the Fugly: Oh Miss Kelly. I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks she needs to fire her stylist.

"I suspect it puts the old Overalls and Body Suit [Winner of both the Toughest Bathroom Outfit Award of 1993 AND the Toughest Bathroom Outfit of All Time] to shame...Because it generally seems like you're adorably normal and thus should not be cavorting about in anything that smells of Dominatrix. Okay?"

Those gals at GoFug just kill me sometimes. IMHO this is their best post yet.

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June 15, 2005

three things

-'Church Sign Generator'- probably the most brilliant things I have ever seen on the 'net. Hours of fun for the whole fmaily. (from snarky)

-I'm sure you are as sick as I am of seeing Michael Jackson, but take my word for it and see what The Daily Show had to say about it. Laugh out loud stuff. I think I have a crush on Jon Stewart....

-And, uh, this little nugget from SMH...uh, ok.....scary or just silly? what do you think?


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March 15, 2005

three things

thank the god of your choice for little victories.

The Bloggies are up. (Yeah Dooce!)

And last, but definately not least HAPPY B-DAY KRIS!!!


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October 30, 2004

Three things...

Tonight we are going over to Kris and The Snook's for a bit of Halloween goodness. So lots of photos will be on the way.

-I have posted some pics from Harts Pub on the Sydney SnB site. (click on the link under the blurb about Harts)

-A link for my Mom (I was telling about this blogger who got a visit from the Feds because she has been writing bad stuff about the Prez. Boy I hope some cuff-talkers don't show up at my door for spreading this link....oh well...)


(note to the Sydney SnBers: the pics from downstairs didn't turn out. I know, I'm really bummed too. I'll get some advice about how to take pics in dimly lit rooms from my photographer hubby. Anyway, I put the best 5 up on the site but if you want the lot just drop me an email and I'll get them out to you. cheers!-gg)

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July 17, 2004

Three things

1. So last night after seeing Fahrenheit 9/11 with Kris and the Snook we stopped into this insane used book store in Newtown (that's a whole 'nuther post!) but while we were hunting through the piles I came across a yearbook from a Normal High School. So here I am, a gal from Central Illinois, living in Sydney looking at a bunch of pics of high school kids from Central Illinois at a book shop in Sydney. ahhh, my brain hurts.

2. Further proof that Prime Minister Helen Clark is a really man. That woman has cojones the size of basketballs! Lordy, she told Israel to take a hike. (just for the record, I like Helen Clark a lot.)

3. File this site under 'duh':


(ok, I had to add this one for Kris. I got this link from my Bro and I liked all the cat sayings, go forth and giggle...)

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June 19, 2004

four things

1. Look Ma, we have those cleaning erasers now too! (click on the top left image) For everyone else, these things rock! They will clean anything.

2. Bees!

3. And I watched the classic film The Great Gatsby last night. (I'm doing a bit of research for a flapper costume, I'll post pics when it's finished) And man, Sam Waterson (aka Jack McCoy) looks like he is about 12! Go figure.

4. Guess what these are:
what the heck are they

Nope, they are limes. Rob got them from a friend who has some citrus trees on his property. I had no idea that many limes are yellow. I guess there will be lots of lime n Coke at our place.


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March 27, 2004

three things

1. The NRMA released a report
that in Australia only 10% of SUVs ever get off pavement and go bush. No big surprise.

2. Did you know that Shel Silverstein wrote songs for Johnny Cash?

3. This one for Kris, you play nice with your iPod, mk? Link from my bro. But we wanna know if it still works

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